About Us – Company Profile

Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Founded in 1905 as Kobe Seikosho [Kobe Steel Works] in Kobe, Japan; it has since developed from a steel casting and forging company to its present status of an international establishment know as Kobe Steel, Ltd. KOBELCO is the corporate logo and brand name of the Kobe Steel Group which symbolizes our commitment to excellence and quality in its businesses ranging from iron and steel to machinery and energy.

1915 marked the beginning of Kobelco compressors with the production of Japan’s first high pressure reciprocating compressors. In 1956, it completed Japan’s first oil-free compressors, and subsequently began manufacturing centrifugal compressors in 1966. Kobelco’s knowledge of material science, expertise in manufacturing, and its continuing strive for innovation and perfection has made it a well-known industrial leader.

Kobelco Machinery Asia Pte Ltd

The Singapore business was started way back in 1981 as the Machinery Division of Kobe International (S) Co Pte Ltd. In 1999, in line with our business expansion plan, Kobelco Machinery Asia Pte Ltd was formed.

Mission Statement

We aim to be the preferred partner for:

  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Compressed Gas Systems
  • Plastic Processing Plant

We will:

  • Understand Customers’ expectations with our utmost dedication and sincerity
  • Empathize with our Customers in order to fulfil their needs
  • Constantly upgrade our skills and be in the know in order to provide the best support for our Customers
  • Continuously serve our Customers through the provision of energy saving and earth friendly technology